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A simple DOGE faucet with just 1 shortlink, and no sticky ads or NSFW ads! Payouts will increase with more users so share with your friends!

*I'm working on a new site project that will be a lot better under a new domain. This site will remain up until completion. I appologize for no site updates but we are working hard to be a better service. To those who stuck with us thank you and I hope you will join us on this new project. I will post the link here once it is ready for beta and launch phases*

Please excuse the occasional down time this is the webhost causing the issues. Visit the issues page for current/ongoing issues. Thank you

Balance: 397.12153927 DOGE

0.0001 DOGE every 2 minutes.
50 daily claims left.

You will get the rewards above if you complete the shortlink this is to help curb bots and not resort to porn ads! Thank you for understanding.

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