VIP Wall

VIP Questions and Answers

The VIP wall is for those that are a major supporters of Doge4Days who contributed to the site.

Heroic actions are how someone contributed to the project be it through coding, ideas, favorable trades, just being a supporter and sharing the site, good services (no ref spamming of course), financial backing (exceptions to this. No pay to list, sorry.) whatever to help the site.

The colors indicate the impact on the project and is 3 tiered. Gold, silver, and black shadows.


  • Significant impact on the site. These include major functions, coding, scripts, core changes and major improvements to the site. These are some (but not all) of the top tier ways to contribute.


  • Moderate impact on the site. This tier includes new ad or shortlink leads that pay higher CPM, favorable trades, good promoters or advertisers (human users), idea development/feedback to make Doge4Days better (major concept changes) and many more.

Black:(broze doesn't show well)

  • Slight impact on the site. This catagory is for bug fixes, general help, small tweaks, little improvments or cleaning the site. These are only just some of the ways to get the tag.

Yes! Anyone who is actively helping the site grow and wants to be a part of Doge4Days can be listed. There is no formal way or pre-requisite to be listed. If I see that you are truly helping the site grow and improve, then in time you will be listed and I will contact you. Do not worry if you don't see yourself listed if you helped just keep helping and you'll be on here in no time. However, DO NOT spam my inbox asking "when can I be listed?" or "why am I not listed yet?" This is a quick way to be blocked and NOT be listed. This list is intended for recognizing self-less actions and not for personal gains or publicity.

Yes! If you are listed and want to request a color just send me the css or color you want. If you change your name just let me know and I will change it as well.

This is special tribute to those who helped doge4days come alive and grow. Thank you, and you have my gratitude!
Name Heroic actions Summary

code help, scripts

ads, trades, ideas

general help

A great friend of Doge4Days. Offered great code help, support, ideas, resources to use for the site. Gave a favorable trade when I needed it the most which allowed me to change my name to the site on FaucetHub. Helps Doge4Days avoid mistakes

code help, scripts

ads, ideas

Faucetking helped Doge4Days get started. He provided me the resources and starter help I needed to be online. Offered good feedback and ideas and I actually met earnbitcoins through his discord server. If it wasn't for faucetking, Doge4Days wouldn't have been up as fast!


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