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This is a log page for changes and archive of previous entries

Below you'll see progress and the sites agenda through out the life-span of our service

June 14th, 2018

It's been roughly 6 weeks since the launch of We have been blessed to have a lot of visitors and repeat members to visit and use our faucet every day since opening. If you are reading this you have my thanks and we hope you stick with us throughout this experience. We are still carrying out goals from last month along with another site which will be our sister site to allow you all to earn more with us!


  • The discord channel is in progress for chatting will be complete and announced in another tab before next log entry
  • Due to the market situation we increased DOGE payouts but we want USD increases. Which is where our sister site comes into play for experimenting with. This site will still be the main site and news hub for both.
  • Our goal of a new host is still in play we hope with the addition of another site it will be enough to do this which means more opportunities to earn for you!
  • A winner for the 100 refs will be announced this month. Further ref bonuses will be announced in the future for those who use services listed under faucets or mining! More bounty ideas will come up in a later date as well!

Change Log:

  • We made almost everything tabs so you only read what you want to.
  • Merged faucet list with new (and more to come) faucets!
  • Temporary removal of recaptcha and RU users. I'm not a believer in group punishment so this is only until more measures are in place.

May 3rd, 2018

Doge4Days was launched a few days ago and we are very happy to have visitors come to the site! It makes us excited for what we can do going forward! We would like to outline the sites changes, goals and progress on this page. With this being said, we'll go over the goals and change log below. These are all for your benefit Doge4Days is all about giving and being transparent with our members.


  • We feel that we need to upgrade our hosting service. This should be priority number 1. Not only will this create a better experience for you but the site will be easier to work with and make it a better user experience overall. This means very little sleep and downtime which is better all around for everyone thats a part of Doge4Days.
  • We want to accomlish one or both of these task this month. Increase in payouts or remove forced short links to make this work we would need more members to use Doge4Days. To be straight-forward this is because advertisers don't pay the small guys and if we grow, Doge4Days can use higher paying ads instead of shortlinks for you.
  • We want to form a chat group for our members! This is so we can chat easier, get to know eachother, promotions, and you can let us know faster if a problem happens instead of talking over a crowd in faucethub and missing messages. Forming discord or telegram group would be our best bet for this case.

Change Log:

  • Removed lotto idea for now. We want to prioritize our user experience and optimizing the site.
  • Added our webhost statement until we kick them to the curb and upgrade!
  • Added a few widgets for your convenience on our Price/News/Exchange page (yes its a silly long name until we find a better one) these include a Doge price widget with crypto news, and a changelly exchange widget. If you don't know what changelly is. It is a quick cryptocurrency exchange where you send them one cryptocurrency then it is immediately exchanged and sent back in your choice of cryptocurrency to the address you provide similar to shapeshift.


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