Rewards Program

Current rewards and events are listed below

1 random and lucky user will have a chance to win 100DOGE must be a user of my faucet and one of the following goals listed below must be met. Selecting the winner is a simple process there is no code or RNG. Random doge addresses will be picked from my log between 10-100 addresses and 1 random selection this ensures the runner-ups have 1-10% win chances on final selection. Amount of addresses depends on event and prize. And the winner will be announced on this page along with their faucethub username if they wish. To keep this a fair process, selection will be a random time, day, log page and line. There are no updates on progress this ensures both frequent and infrequent users have an equally fair chance to win.

    100 active referrals for any of the faucets listed on the BTC or Doge faucets page.

    Further referral bonuses and events will be listed below (see Referral Bonuses tab below) so try out the awesome services in the faucets tab!

    Winner for 100 referrals event is A5kCkjA38tvWtMnBapdW4RZjmcGougk9fF congrats!

    If you would like to have your username listed instead of address please send a PM on FaucetHub. Payment of 100 DOGE should be received no later than 48 hours.

    Runner-ups for this event:

  • D87HQxia5mLHqjhBT6GFhNWtJoLcVCphzq
  • DGbkQ3nChcUjShxnMv2KppNfwYN6CWuYTD
  • DPvpDAhk3szR2RuAPDJ8G2LwSysCLawLE7
  • DR8GLXNVm4GN1DjCcYnekpjyTykcwMdQXk
  • D95ypCp7M3qQSY2CR5CJrpVhGBa3onqFvv
  • D7P5jGUtrq3HeVdRZZpN7Hjfo8Dk3SQjzX
  • DLxDHE7Q78SX9xkfqSooxTicyc9DSQnFsH
  • 9sfzGGv7xqT39sqMMDmqerM3Y95sQqVSxA

100 USD in net revenue overall

This tab is for special events, rain event dates, unique bounties or creative ways to share some DOGE!

Coming Soon!

We want to know what you think of us and you can get rewarded for doing so!

Coming soon!

We will provide bonuses, pool commissions for giveaways, or massive shares for active people using our referral links under Mining or Faucets tabs. Doge4Days is about sharing so why not provide you a little extra for using these services? There are enough people out there giving you 0% for referring you to low quality sites or investment scams "HYIPs".

Active Bonuses:

50% weekly share on Freebitcoin: For example if you made 1,000 satoshis per week cycle on free rolls you would make an extra 250 satoshis which is half of my commission rate of 500. My share of 250 goes back to users by making cool rewards, giveaways, or bonus pots.

Shibe's race to 100 Doge on Freedogecoin: A 100 Doge reward to the first person who reaches 100 DOGE in commissions. Any excess Doge will go to future promotions or split equally among all active participants.

One small step for shibe...MoonDogeCoin: For 100 or more active referrals (100% ref bonus must be consistant) I will regularly schedule 100 DOGE rains on Faucethub and list UTC times since it's a middle ground or more known and dates under Special Events.

...One giant leap for Dogekind: For 100 or more active referrals on ALL moon faucets under Faucets tab. (100% ref bonus must be consistant) I will feature happy hours under special events where I increase the payout up-to 100% extra. Since UTC time is common I will use it for happy hours.


Share this link with your friends and earn 10% referral commission