If you are looking for a mining service or are interested in trusted services then look at some of these options below! I also provide a little information if you need some help.

Mining and Cloud mining questions

In this section we’ll go over very basic mining knowledge, how to get started and mining options and profitability. These are beginner ways to mine, easy to set up and requires no knowledge of setting up terminals to pools, graphics card mods or overclocking, and Linux boxes. This is for people who just want to earn a little cryptocurrency passively on their computer the simplest way possible.

In very broad terms mining is using your computer hardware (CPU, GPU) or your ASIC miner to solve complex math problems and you are rewarded when new cryptocurrency is minted/mined. Your hash rate is how quickly/efficiently your hardware can solve these math problems.Mining difficulty is how hard is it to solve the math problems to be rewarded with new coins. Think of mining as using your computer to “mint” new coins or “print” new money. Mining difficulty, your hash rate and price per coin have a very important relationship to your mining profit along with equipment cost and electricity. I personally like to use for their difficulty charts and calculators very simple to type in your hash rate, watts (power), electricity cost, pool fees and equipment cost. The calculator is also good for cloud mining just use 0 for watts and electricity, use maintenance cost for your pool fee, and contract cost for hardware cost and you will get an estimate of ROI time for break-even and profit.

Cloud mining is essentially the same as above only you pay a company to rent their equipment by hashing power contracts. In exchange for an upfront cost and a maintenance fee per 24 hours depending on the company and currency. You are paid daily in the currency your mining for or in BTC. With equipment cost getting more expensive some may opt for buying these contracts for no equipment cost or electricity. Cloud mining also has the same risk as above with price and difficulty only sometimes with a contract length and maintenance fee. Some have open-ended contracts where the contract stays active until it is no longer is profitable (where maintenance fees break even with profit).You should also use due diligence and research ANY company you plan to use to prevent being scammed. A mining company promising 10% ROI per day, no or fake team, and high percentage multi-level affiliate program is a HYIP or Ponzi scheme that will run with your hard earned money after a collapse while duration widely varies the lifespan of these scams and can be be in the range of 20-90 days depending on popularity and % returns.Remember if it's too good to be true then it most likey is!I like CCG Mining for their level of transparency the video below talks about CCG Mining.

This really depends on what you want to do, what the upfront cost are, and cryptocurrency prices in general. You can also do both and should diversify with multiple sites. I use my single RX 480 graphics card and FX 8320 CPU to mine while I’m typing this and I also have mining contracts on various sites. While my computer by itself doesn’t bring in a lot of profit it is still a nice bonus and pays off the computer I built. Reinvesting or trading profit can also be a great way to maximize your ROI if you wait for a high price that is uncommon. For example if Monero averages around $250-300 a coin what you can do to maximize your reinvestment is hold your earnings until it reaches an uncommon high price (overbought) or all time high such as $400-500. This helps leverage the difficulty, maintenance fee or bonus hashes however you want to look at it. Of course this is all if you believe the coin will reach your target sell off price or rise in value.Coinmarketcap is a great resource to do a broad outlook on cryptocurrency and finding your price range.

I'm NOT a financial advisor, this is NOT financial advice. These are my opinions. My research is not enough for your own due diligence and research. is NOT responsible for any damages or loss of assets for any and all services listed on this site.

These are some mining services that you can download and use that are paying these companies also provide mining contracts.Please note that your antivirus may flag these as riskware/malware

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These are some cloud mining sites that are currently paying.Please use your own research before using any of the services below!

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