Current issues

These are the current issues we currently face for the site

I decided to make this quick page for my users so you know what's currently going on because I appreciate all of you sticking with me through all the difficulties and I want you to be informed. I'll try to keep this up to date as much as possible so you know what is going on. These issues are causing me to get less time in to improve the site but we got some good stuff coming in the works!

May 24th

We'll be back to 10 claims or even more per day soon with more reliable services :)

  • Due to some unfortunate actions of a few I had to temporarily remove recaptcha and edit my blacklist until I can fix the issue
  • been busy in real life but will be back in action really soon to add more stuff and improvents! (definately a June goal!)
  • url shortener man2link changed to man2pro waiting on full payment before using them again.(still waiting probably drop them soon)
  • technical difficulties with 000webhost (ongoing) these include 502s, File manager, weird conflicts with my other site ect.
  • Doge4Days apologizes for the issues and hope you stick with us until theses issues are resolved and make this the best faucet around! Thank you!


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