List below is a few great faucets to use to earn free crypto!

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This page is constantly being updated for new services I try to keep these as updated as possible

These faucets are labeled interesting because there is more site interaction (fun), interesting way to earn or coins not found elsewhere than regular click and claim faucets.
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Mining game with low 1000 sat withdraw. And low ads!


Interesting spin for a crypto game trade darkmatter for crypto complete captcha



Build up Hpower for better mining rates in missions interesting way to do a mining game. A bit ad/pop-under heavy but interesting once you get through it.


A micro cloud mining service, dice/dice investment, train game with chance to multiply your satoshis. You can do this all free if you browser mine or do PTC offers. Admin is responsive and kind. A faucet as well at certain times.



Multiple currency support ouside of faucethub supported coins. Features 4 minute faucests, autofaucets, and other features on site.


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Cointiply is listed twice because they also pay in DOGE!
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For Faucet or Site Owners

If you are a faucet or website owner and want to be listed contact me on Faucethub (www.doge4days.tk is the name) and we'll negotiate. Terms are a per month basis in BTC or DOGE discounts or free on crosslinking (adding my banner on your site) the order of listing is by highest paying ad to lowest on each catagory. However if I don't respond or accept your 1000 sats a month, please read the Lowballers tab for more information!

This is a list of URL shorteners you can use!

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The table below is a few banner companies I use or plan to depending on Alexa rank!

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N/A requires more impressions for 2nd or 3rd banner to start paying


N/A the default ad pays CPC or the pay rate at what you listed the space at


N/A similar to Adhitz only you set the rate in BTC per 1000 views

1m~300k rank requrement read approval guidelines

BTC faucet for advertising!

100k minimum rank read approval guidelines

A few traffic exchanges I use:

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Traffic Exchange

2,700 per day free for downloading and running the software.


1 view per 20 second view or 1 view for 2 15 second views. Lots of rewards, promotions and account upgrades. You may also banner ad or text ad there as well with credits.

For lowball or unreasonable offers read below and follow this simple guide:

This page is a bit straight-forward if you're the easily offended type DO NOT read and close this tab. Still no on the 1000 sats offer and I won't read page long rants about this section. You have been warned and informed!

Are you "that guy" who harasses strangers with your lowball without even saying hello? And does your ego "think" everyone will accept your product or 1000 sats a month and promote your half page banner on their front page, no crosslinking, and "try" to pressure/spam them? This strategy will not help you or your business especially when talking to someone that doesn't know you. Tip: No one cares BUT this guide can help you with your negotiating skills, stop irritating peers/strangers, and maybe help build a good network of friends and people that might be ok with giving you a big discount or even promote you for free.

Reasons why you lowball:

    Inflated ego:

  • Please stop kidding yourself, no one except your friends/family cares that you have a website and no strangers will bend over backwards for you or any deals that only favor YOU especially a stranger you just tried to push your stuff on. Expecting a stranger online to only benefit you for almost nothing is a quick way to be insulted, laughed at, blocked or just ruin your reputation in general. Get a glass of water, and come back with something reasonable and realistic. This may be acceptable in some parts of the world but it's not acceptable for everyone as a whole. If you think only for yourself you will have nothing but ONLY yourself.
  • Money issues:

  • This probably the most poor excuse. There are 1000s of free crypto sites faucets, PTC, surveys, and task to earn for free. Doge4Days.tk is ran 100% free. The money I use to fuel and promote comes from faucets listed above and free ad credits or traffic exchanges as a 100% free challenge I'm doing. If I can do it so can you. There's lot's of ways to earn and get free crypto and ad credits. You can even save up the DOGE earned from us and use it to promote here. Just save and wait.
  • Just to take advantage or get over on people:

  • Re-evaluate yourself (think about what YOU would accept if roles were reversed you would laugh or be offended right?), if you did find a sucker for your obvious trap what do you think they'll do when they figure it out? And do you want the trouble when they figure out you screwed them over? You can generally get a good deal or clients that makes everyone happy without screwing them over if you just put in 5 seconds of effort. Like down below.
  • To see if it sticks:

  • Not only does this put your potential client on the defensive but he or she may not be more flexible in negotiation when you attempt this approach and you may lose any headroom or the client all together after all you are coming to them, they don't have to accept it or even talk to you.

    How to get a good deal or client in your favor now and later:

  • Now that you made it this far down, re-examined your situation and found a solution we can go over some ways to get a fair deal that benefits everyone. First step is Your greeting, when approching a stranger online or in person the first thing you should do is greet them. Very important first impressions do not just be lazy and message your stuff. In the online world this is done through a chatroom and start publicly do not private message at first because some might not like PMs from random people and most know you're trying to shill, spam, or want something from them when you do. A lot of people including myself would automatically block these people. Just mention them in public chat and ask how are they doing, talk about something they talk about and find some common ground or interest you would be surprised who you may meet and even start your first step in networking with people in a positive way.

  • After the greeting and some chatting you may now work on Your opener, this is when you can try to transition to business because this person is now actively chatting and listening to you. You might have even stumbled upon this person talking about a similar service during the chat similar to what you do or provide naturally. This is when you tell them publicly "@potential_customer I actually have a service or site that can help you if you would like me to PM you the link?" generally this is acceptable. Offer to help them with any questions or anything they need. If they aren't interested don't press them or else you will annoy them and potentially be blocked and you wasted time very important not to pressure a potential client. People will be more likey to come to you when they need the site/service or offer if you just leave it alone instead of trying to push something on them.

  • Finally when you talk to them, set them up with your service, provide help, ask if they need anything else, thank them for the business and tell them to stay in touch or chat online then Close and Follow up this is what a lot people should do for customers. Give them a follow up chat ask how they are doing and ask if they're enjoying your service or product. You also get feedback opinions as well for any suggestions, positive and negative feedback which you can use to improve your site or service on. And you just potentially got yourself a strong loyal customer that may be a repeat customer and refer you as well.

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