Thank You for being a part of the journey!


*Been a while since I've done an update. But unfortunately we will be closing down the site and cancel the other project. Due to market conditions, advertisers, and shortlinks we feel that these are unfair for users and we don't wish to subject you to multiple pop ups and shortlinks just to keep going like many other faucets have resorted to. My best advise to give to new people in blockchain is to learn how it works, buy $1 or $5 worth of any currency and send to another wallet. And learn to code, and work with new crypto dev teams if you wish to make money. Hodl and don't scam people. What makes us strong is the community. Thank you for everything and wish you the best on your crypto journey. -Doge4Days*

We'll leave this up until 2/1/2019 so our people know what's going on